Magnetic Attraction

Learn How to Attract and Seduce Beautiful Women at Europe’s undisputed Nr One Training Event!


The Magnetic Attraction Conference


Do you struggle with meeting or attracting women?
Or do you just want to improve your understanding in female psychology, alter your skills when it comes to intimate social interaction with those gorgeous ladies and become the man they truly desire?

Whichever it is, pay very good attention and read the information very carefully…


The Magnetic Attraction Conference!
Three days of Extreme Dating Psychology!
Taught by international renowned and well respected teachers with years of experience in the arts of Attraction and Seduction!

The Magnetic Attraction Conference is about you becoming an artisan in creating attraction! 

An Unbelievable Three Day Event!

So, you are interested in improving yourself and become better with women?

Good! Because if that is the case you’ve come exactly to the right place!

School of Seduction, in her field of experience, has been the absolute number one educational company in Europe for quite some years now! We take great pride in our certified and well experienced coaches, trainers and the quality of our teachings. Our events have nearly always been sold out with an international crowd attending them, and they have always proven to be a cut above the rest…which we are very proud of!

With many years of international experience in teaching “attraction and seduction” backed up by our countless hours of personal experience in the field, we have developed a unique and very effective training program which is described as one of the absolute BEST in the world by many who have already had the pleasure of attending them!

This is NOT another one of those “quick fix events” where they teach you: how to chase girls in a very pushy and socially unacceptable way, like a frustrated “horn dawg” who obviously doesn’t get any…

At this high quality event we PROUDLY teach an incredible art-form!
We teach you how to become a master in the arts of Attraction and Seduction! And we teach you how to do it in a way that feels comfortable, acceptable and above all else…VERY ATTRACTIVE to the women you will honor with your approach and attention! 
Because that is exactly how women will feel after you used our teachings to approach, attract and seduce them…they will feel truly attracted towards you and deeply honored by your advances towards them! 

Once you have attended this event and apply our teachings…you will be so far ahead of all the so called “players” who think they are any good…you will make them look like school boy’s compared to how YOU play the game. You will grow to a Master Level and women will naturally gravitate your way and wont be able to help themselves but feel attracted to you on a completely new level, unlike anything they have experienced before!

You will become the man they happily gossip about with their female friends…

It will improve the quality of your life!

Now you are probably thinking:

“Sounds pretty interesting! So what can i expect from this Event?”

Good question! And we’ll do our best to give you the best possible answer in the shortest amount of time…although, we have to explain correctly, so bare with us here 😉

Just think about how valuable it will be if you have an EXACT road-map, a “step by step guide” which explains exactly HOW to talk to, attract and seduce the most beautiful women! 

Were talking about a solid system which explains exactly “what, how and why”. It’s like the holy grail of attraction…which is so absolutely accurate, that you as a person will grow to a whole new level of attractive! Honestly, think about it…how amazing would that be?

You will start to understand women on such a fundamental level, that nothing they do or say…EVER…surprises you, and you will become the guy they call…every time that “they want something” 😉

Understand one important thing though, we are not going to promise you that after attending this weekend your life will have been magically changed and Victoria’s Secret models are all of a sudden throwing themselves at your feet…
However, if you apply our teachings you WILL be able to attract exactly that quality of women in to your life! 

Magnetic Attraction Conference – Timetable

Seminar hours – 10.00 to 19.00
In-Field Session from 22.00 to 01.00 – only if booked

Seminar hours – 10.00 to 19.00
In-Field Session from 22.00 to 02.00 – only if booked

Seminar hours – 12.00 to 17.00

During this weekend we will dive into “male to female psychology” and challenge everything you have ever believed to be true about women, dating them and having relationships with them.

You will learn how to boost your masculine value in a natural way and learn how to become a highly attractive magnet…attracting women your way!

Your understanding of “how to attract and seduce” and you knowledge of  women will shoot up and go to expert level!!!

Basically, you will get access to everything you have ever wanted to know, from A to Z, on how to approach, talk to, attract and seduce women and close the deal like taking a phone-number, kissing her or taking her home…the same night…like a true artist! 

Become the man she desires and deserves!

Who are the speakers on this event:

Jeffrey “The Sifu” Grüne – NL

An entrepreneur, a Wing Chun black belt, a Wing Chun Sifu (teacher) with four owned gym’s, founder of the once biggest pick-up community in Europe.

Jeffrey has a great amount of experience in dating and seduction and organizing large scale events in that particular market. He is the original founding father and the Co-founder of the newly formed School of Seduction. 

Mystery Guest Speaker – ???

Rienk “Mr Dutch” Bauritius – NL

Certified coach, therapist, entrepreneur, author, father and Master Trainer and Co-founder of the newly formed School of Seduction.

Rienk has many years of experience working and studying intimate social dynamics with many international guru’s and teachers. He has taught around the world and is well known for his ability to “read the minds” of women and creating deep and passionate attraction in an extremely fast way!   

Decide to take action, right now!

However…that’s not all we have in store for you!
Because for the ones who really want to get the MOST of value out of the Bootcamp…


If you really want to improve your skills you can’t go around it…you’ll WANT to go “in-field” and enter bars and clubs with us so we can help you implement what we have taught you that same day!
During this in-field section of the weekend we will coach you directly and LIVE! Imagine how priceless that will be, to 

You’ll have some very experienced guys standing right behind you while your doing it, and we will actively help you during your interactions if needed, by participating in the conversations! This way you can see us do the exact things that we teach, right in front of you. And, even more important, we’ll give you directions or push you into the right direction, right there and then when things are happening! 

We will give you EXTREMELY important feedback on how you can improve certain specific things we notice about you. Body language, vocal tonality or maybe even just help you approach women and start conversations…anything! Just so you know, this way we have absolutely shattered people’s beliefs and help them do things they could have never imagined! Like kissing a woman rapidly or taking her back to your room…sounds exciting doesn’t it 😉  

As you can obviously see, going in-field with us is crucial to MAXIMIZE the value as much as possible!

This WILL change your LIFE!

Basically, this is going to be a Life Changing weekend, and you’ll want to be there!

A weekend in which you will get access to ALL the knowledge you have ever wanted, on how to become that
highly attractive guy with a James Bond 6th sense on women!
And this is not the slightest bit exaggerated!


We have two types of tickets for you!

Gold Ticket – € 887,-
Or 3 payments of € 314,-

  • Three days access to seminar
  • Lunch buffet on Friday and Saturday  


If you want to get maximum value!

Diamond Ticket – € 1789,-
Or 4 payments of € 457,-

  • Three days access to seminar
  • Lunch buffet on Friday and Saturday
  • Two nights of In-Field Coaching! (Friday and Saturday night)


Come And Join Us!

Currently our upcoming events are fully booked and if you look at our pricing, and know that we give up and around 25 hours of pure value, you will surely understand why! We deliver a whole lot for an honest investment and that’s why men literally fly in from all over the world to attend our events!

Our event schedule for 2016:

Budapest : February 19, 20 & 21 : SOLD OUT!

Oslo : March 4, 5 & 6: SOLD OUT!

Les Vegas : March 11, 12, & 13: Only 2 Spots Available!

Las Vegas : April 1, 2 & 3: 8 Spots Available

So, if you like to attend the next event please let us know by sending us an e-mail. We will then put you down on the waiting list for the next possible event. And, of course feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about this or other events.

You can send an e-mail to:

We are looking forward to meet with you in person and help you take those very important, life altering steps! So don’t wait for magic to happen just because you wish for it…take action right now and get in contact with us!

Lets Make It Happen!!!